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11th March 2013

Yet Another Appeal

As part of the pre-construction process the developer has to apply to the council to discharge certain condition the inspector attached to their planning permission.

Condition 26 related to access and stated:

 “Access to the compound shall be adjacent to and not over bridleway 304 in accordance with details to be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority.”

The reason for this of course was to protect users of the bridleway from construction traffic. Local residents will suffer enough from the development of this wind farm without having their safety and amenity compromised during it's construction. 

As their submission to the council proposed using a significant length of bridleway 304 the council quite rightly refused to discharge the condition. As to be expected from this developer they refused to consider any alternatives and immediately appealed.

We have uploaded the documents we have received so far so anyone interested can view them and see progress to date. These are:

Refusal Notice of Condition 26.pdf

Developer's Grounds of Appeal.pdf

Council's Submitted Questionnaire.pdf

We will of course make our own submission to the inspectorate on this issue and all local residents should have received info as to how they too can comment if they wish. 

We will try to keep those interested updated as to the progress of this appeal and other issues.



7th March

Appeal decision published today. This can be downloaded here:


Appeal Decision.pdf 


Further comment on this will follow soon.



19th January

Just to say thanks to everyone who took time out yesterday and today.

It was clear for everyone and the inspector to see the passion this has generated.

We expect that the inspector will take up to 7 weeks before his decision is published so, here's hoping, with fingers crossed, we all get the right result.


13th January

The informal hearing takes place next Wednesday, the 18th January at the Fenestra Centre in Flixborough village.

Our Hearing Statement has been added to the 2nd Appeal page.


29th November

 Informal Hearing process

Letters posted by the council today informing interested parties (each of us) of the date, location and procedure) of the Informal Hearing.

Please see the 2nd Appeal page or give us a call if you need any further information.


8th November

 Site Visit

Today the appointed inspector, Trevor Cookson, conducted a site visit at the site of the wind farm itself inviting along all those residents who had requested a visit to their individual properties.

Unfortunately the weather was not kind and due to the thick mist the inspector very fairly told everyone he would not be making the property visits today. He will return to view these in better conditions though.

Several residents attended the visit - thank you to all those who took the time to do this - and it was an ideal opportunity to meet the inspector and walk the bridleway at the bottom of Burton Wood as he looked to see where the proposed turbines would be sited.

We have been informed the appeal will now be heard by informal hearing and residents will have the opportunity to attend and hopefully give their views. Please note that an informal hearing is proposed and not a full public inquiry as before and the inspector advised this will probably be one day only.

This could also be an opportunity for even more affected residents to request a site visit to their homes and the council has promised to keep us updated as to the details and format of the hearing which will be posted here as soon as we know.


23rd August


I hope you have had a copy of the BATs newsletter through your letter box, however we have been made aware of another newsletter circulating relating to an article in the Daily Mail.

We would like to make it clear that BATs are not responsible for this newsletter nor does this indicate our views.

We are fighting this proposed development on the basis that the impacts on our local area, communities and residents are unacceptable. Whilst we do not believe the ROCs subsidies paid to developers are fairly distributed to local communities, that suffer these impacts, our campaign is not based on envy as is suggested by this article.

If you require any help, or assistance or wish to discuss any issues please contact us.


6th August

 Appeal Representations

The appeal is set to be determined through written representations. This process means we will not be able to voice our case as strongly as we did during the previous appeal. As such we must write or email our case and views to the inspectorate.


Please don't just rely on the previous objection letters sent to NLC
Write (3 copies needed) or email now to:

Planning Inspectorate - Appeals Administration
Temple Quay House
2 The Square,
Temple Quay
Bristol, BS1 6PN

or Email:     teamp7@pins.gsi.gov.uk

Quoting Ref:  APP/Y2003/A/11/2156713/NWF

If the turbine site will be visible from your house or garden then please ask the Inspector to make a site visit your home.  This is important because it demonstrates how the wind farm will affect your residential and visual amenity - REMEMBER TO REQUEST THIS IN YOUR LETTER OR EMAIL.

The inspector stated in his decision letter for the previous appeal:

“The proposed wind turbines, however, would be prominent and intrusive in the outlook from several dwellings in Burton and Burton Stather and would have a significant adverse effect on residential amenity at those properties”

but still concluded that the benefits of the development outweigh the impacts.  We want to know many properties and residents need to suffer a significant adverse effect to outweigh the vastly overstated benefits of this wind farm?

Considerations in your letter to the Planning Inspectorate could be:

Do you regularly walk, run, ride a bike or horse along the parish paths or river bank? How will the wind farm affect your enjoyment of our countryside?

Will the visual domination of the turbines affect your enjoyment?

Will the turbine swishing noise mean that you no longer enjoy your healthy pastime?

Will it have an adverse effect on your health if you no longer want to use the nearby paths and riverbank because of the turbines?

What does the present rural landscape mean to you?

What is the importance to you of your rural  environment?

If the turbines are visible from your garden or house:

Will this spoil or intrude on your residential or visual amenity?

Will the noise intrusion interfere with the enjoyment of your own home and garden?

Will the turbines have an overbearing effect on your house or garden?


21st July

Ridgewind Appeal NLC planning decision

 Well I suppose in todays corporate world, where winning and profit at any cost dominate, we should not be suprised by Ridgewinds decision to ignore the wishes of the local population, local council and the planning inspectorate, by appealing the councils latest decision to refuse their application to site wind turbines on Flixborough Grange.

If you can, and wish to help please drop any of us a line and watch this space for further details as and when we know more.


6th April 2011

Result of Planning Committee Meeting Today

A great result at the planning committee meeting today when councillors voted 11-2 to add a further TWO solid and defendable reasons for refusal, to the one already suggested by their officers on landscape.

Thankyou to our elected representatives for their faith and support of our objections and to  everyone from the villages for their continued support and time.

4th April 2011

Planning Committee Meeting - Wednesday 6th April

North Lincolnshire Council's planning committee will be meeting this Wednesday 6th April at Pittwood House starting at 2PM to discuss the REASONS for refusal for Grange.

These were supposed to be agreed at the last committee meeting but were deferred again to this one for a further report. Landscape has already been suggested as a reason but this must be added to in order to give everyone the best chance of beating RidgeWind for good at the inevitable appeal.

Members of the public are welcome to attend but due to the nature of one of the reasons we are hoping will be added we may be asked to leave  while this is discussed in private.


9th February 2011


The Flixborough Grange application has today been REFUSED for the third (and hopefully the final) time by the North Lincolnshire Council planning committee by 8 votes to 4 and one abstention.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to every councillor for listening to the arguments presented to them and making what we believe is the right decision.

Thanks go to everyone who has put so much time and effort into getting this result and to everyone who made the effort to attend today's committee meeting.

Now if only RidgeWind will listen to the message they have been given!


1st February 2011

Planning Committee Meeting Wednesday 9th February 2011

The latest planning application has now been published on the planning committee agenda for next Wednesday 9th February on the North Lincolnshire Council website. The meeting starts at 2PM and takes place at Pittwood House in Scunthorpe.

It is VITAL as many people as possible attend this meeting to show the committee the strength of objection to this third identical application and send the message that enough is enough.

Yet again it is disappointing to see that the planning officer's report is recommending approval despite acknowledging the harmful effect this development will have on the residents of Burton and the landscape we enjoy. You can download a copy of this report from our site here:

2010_1242 Officer Report.pdf


19th January 2011

Latest News - Comments from Ben Moore

Some interesting comments from Ben Moore at RidgeWind have appeared on the North Lincolnshire Council application page for Grange today. You can download them and read them from our site here:

Latest Comments From Ben Moore.pdf


16th December 2010


Yesterday North Lincolnshire Council's planning committee voted to REFUSE RWE Npower's application to site 18 wind turbines on Saxby Wold, the highest and most visible point in our county.

After listening to several very well put speeches from objectors and the usual very predictable speech from the developer then debating the application at length the vote went 8 to 5 to refuse permission. A later meeting will be held to discuss specific reasons for refusal.

Once again our democratically elected representatives have stood up for the people they represent and are to be thankfully commended for this.


11th December 2010


After nearly 18 months with the council planning department the Saxby Wold wind farm is to finally go before North Lincolnshire Council's planning committee this month.

The date is set for Wednesday 15th December 2010 and the meeting starts at 2PM at Pittwood House in Scunthorpe.

All members of the public are entitled to attend so if you can please go along and support the residents fighting this application as several of them kindly did so for us at both Grange committee meetings.

The way this application is handled by the planning committee will give us an indication of how things may go when Grange goes before them - remember they are there to represent us, the residents of this county.

A copy of the planning officer's report can be downloaded from our site here:

Saxby Officer Report.pdf

Whilst reading this report, remember that our planning system is supposed to protect nearby residents from the adverse effects of wind turbine development. Hard to believe isn't it?

 A copy of the latest SWAT Newsletter is also available here:

 SWAT newsletter_111210.pdf

Which gives a flavour of how this development is seen from the residents side - Not much different to ours really !!



25th November 2010


We have been informed by the planning officer that the deadline for public consultation is now:

Saturday 4th December 2010

Members of the public now have until this date to submit letters of objection. Please spread the word and encourage anyone you know to express their opinion through a letter or email. Your views are vital.


24th November 2010

Story about Monday night's Parish Council meeting published in the Scunthorpe Telegraph and on their website today:



22nd November 2010

Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to attend the Parish Council meeting tonight, it was very heartening to know the view of the village  remains the same if not more resolute than before.

If you care to email us your objections it would help to recognise the significant issues to us all when the time comes at the planning committee, and if you want to become more involved just drop us a line with your name and address - it really does help

Please also remember individual letters really do help


Just to quickly add a comments to an issues that was discussed I think incorrectly tonight.

 Re Listed buildings and conservation areas - it would appear that BOTH are at least considered in the Environmental Statement since they have include reference in their submission whether they have covered all listed buildings I do not know but I have added the relevant part of their assessment within our "3rd application web page". for you to compare with what we see on the ground.





20th November 2010

 Hopefully the whole village have been leafleted over the weekend.

 If you haven't received a copy please email us with your name and address and we will forward you a copy.

 Please remember the Parish council meeting in the Village Hall on Monday starting at 8.00pm.

If you want to influence the Parish council and ensure that they submit relevant objections this is your chance to do so.


For Further details of the Application please see the "3rd Application Page"


15th November 2010

Democracy and Fairness

 What do you think of Ridgewinds statement of community involvement?

Please have a quick read or down load from here Statement of Community Involvement.pdf

This gives an indication as to how they set about ensure a mutually acceptable development then "Mitigate the problems". Despite what they say is good practice have you seen any evidence of them actually doing what they say should be done?

Its a good job we still live in a democracy I'm not sure Ridgewind are of a similar opinion though, I'm sure they see us a a problem,  merely to be eliminated.


4th November 2010

3rd Application submitted  -  NLC App number WF/2010/1242

Unfortunately Ridgewind have this last week re-submitted an almost identical planning application which was validated and posted to the North Linc,s Planning web site this evening.

Please see the Newsletter  for further information but the situation is very fluid as we haven,t had a chance yet to read all the file.

If you can help in any way PLEASE get in touch with a name and house address / tel number,

We are currently downloading the  files, so if anyone wants a CD to review the complete details of the application and construct their objection arguments again, get in touch to save the download.

 Further details to follow

 19th April

The Decison (a copy of the decision notice can be viewed here Decision Document.pdf

Well finally the decision has been announced by the Planning Inspector and:

Ridgewinds Appeal against NLC's decision to refuse Planning Permission has been













  BATs are very pleased at the decision that has been taken by the Planning inspector.
We are glad that this decision brings the uncertainty to a conclusion, that it will remove the threat to the landscape and arguments that remain over noise and other impacts. Most importantly it will ensure a stable environment is maintained to ensure the development and health of those, for whom this proposal represented a significant risk.
We would like to thank all those who have helped and supported us over the last two years, It has been a struggle, adventure and education along the way, but worthwhile in the end.


Many Thanks from All the BATs team


2nd March

Day 5

 After the Inspectors site visits to view the impact on both the Landscape and various surrounding properties on Monday the Inquiry re-convened and took speeches from all the other interested parties (all opposing the Windfarm).

BATs review of the noise assessment was presented

The Inspector heard closing speeches from NL, BATs and the Developer.

26th Feb

 Day 4

The inquiry considered the following topics

Planning presentation by NLC followed by X examination

A wrap-up of BATs issues followed  by X examination

Planning presentation by the Developer followed by X examination

Two questions taken from interested parties

The inquiry will not sit on Monday 1st March but will re-convene on Tuesday the 2nd March at 9.35 when the inspector will ask if there are any further questions from interested parties.

If you want to speak this is the time to be available since it is not planned that any opportunity will be afforded to interested parties in the afternoon.

There will then be a session to discuss possible conditions to be applied to any application, should it be approved, followed by concluding statements by BATs, NLC and the Developer


25th Feb

Day 3

The inquiry considered the following topics

Noise presentation by the Developer followed by X examination.
Health Presentation by BATs and 2 professionals  followed by X examination.
Consideration of noise conditions.

Tomorrow the inquiry will start at 9.30 and deal with then following topics

  • Planning details by the NLC followed by X examination
  • Planning considerations by BATs followed by X examination
  • Planning details by the developer followed by X examination

It is possible (though I think unlikely as the above are likely to take all day), that the inspector will ask 3rd parties to speak tomorrow. It is more likly that these will be requested on Tuesday afternoon next week.


The inquiry DOES NOT sit on Monday next week as the inspector will be visiting the site.

It is also possible that the inquiry may finish one day early and NOT sit on Wednesday next week.


24th Feb

Day 2

The inquiry considered the following topics

Landscape and visual presentation by the developer followed by X examination

Noise presentation by NLC followed by X examination

Noise presentation by BATs followed by X examination

Tomorrow the inquiry will start at 9.30 and deal with the following topics

  • Noise presentation by the Developer followed by X examination.
  • Health presentation by BATs followed by X examination.
  • Other impacts presentation by BATs followed by cross examination.
  • It is also possible that conditions may be discussed.


23rd Feb

The Inquiry has started!

The inquiry started at 10.00 am this morning and covered the following topic

  • House keeping -it was stated that the inquiry would run on a topic basis (in the following order - Landscape and Visual, Noise, Health & Others, Planning).
The Inspector also took names of interested parties who wanted to speak and advised that the time for them to make their presentation would PROBABLY be Tuesday the 2nd March in the afternoon. He also said that he would ask finally if anyone else wanted to speak to make it known at that time. NOTE this is NOT definite. I will try to provide an update of what is happening the following day but if you want anything more detailed please drop me an email.
  • Opening statements Ridgewind / NLC / BATs
  • Landscape and visual presentations by NLC followed by X examination and BATs followed by X examination.


Tomorrow the inquiry will start at 9.30am and start with the Landscape and Visual presentation by Ridgewind followed by X examination and the start of the Noise presentations.


The Inspector has been very understanding and not locked the door to the room barring entry as some have done, but if you arrive whilst the inquiry is in session, please try to be as discrete as possible on entering.

If you have any particular issues or questions that you require raising during the topic session rather than saving to the end please hand it to anyone concerned with BATs and we will try to raise during the course of that topic.

Remember lets keep it as professional as possible .


12th Feb

Public Inquiry Nearing

 The Public Inquiry is due to start at 10.00 on Tuesday 23 February 2010 at Kingsway Consulting, Kingsway, Scunthorpe, DN17 1AL, and is due to sit for 6 days.

If anyone wants to speak at the inquiry there is still time please drop BATs a line at burtonbats@live.co.uk for help with the procedure and topics or alternatively visit the inquiry on the first day and make the inspector aware that you want to speak and what you want to speak about. The inspector should then advise when you should be available to make your statement.

Remember the inspector will not want to know if it devalues your house or possibly not if you think they are a complete waste of time and money but if you have a view and an argument that they will negatively affect this area then this is may be relevant.

We have all been active over last few months preparing our evidence and living the ups and downs of playing a part in the Inquiry process, one example of which is the fact that the MOD were not consulted re impact on low flying, Ridgewind have since revised the scheme and their assessment of this which now includes aviation lights visible for 32 km !! but the impact is still OK !

Just a few other comment picked up from their landscape assessments

  • “…is such that the combined effects of the four schemes on the south side of the Humber would result in this part of the Humberhead levels (and its component LCAs) becoming a wind farm landscape.” (note this makes no allowance for the proposal at Saxby, nor the masts at Winterton and Worlaby)
  • “…By this I mean that wind turbines would become one of the overriding characteristics of this landscape, not to the complete exclusion of all other characteristics which would largely remain unchanged but the pre-eminent characteristic.”
  • “…As a result, the baseline would be a wind farm landscape and the Grange Wind Farm would not have an additional effect on the landscape character of the Trent Levels LCA nor would it increase the combined effect of the four wind farms that would already define this landscape.”
and on public opinion
  • They also claim public opinion to the Bagmoor wind farm is very positive, quoting Scunthorpe Telegraph articles citing the residents of Dragonby - just after they received £250 off their electric bill with a further £250 promised the following year!.

Any how there are many issues to be raised at the forthcoming inquiry, if you want to read our proofs they are available by links at our "Public Inquiry" page

24th Sept

Planning Inspectorate Hearing - Cancelled

 We have just been told that the Informal hearing process that was to be held on the 29/30th Sept has been cancelled and will be replaced by a full Public enquiry at a future date to be agreed.

If you know of anyone who has made arrangements to attend please keep them informed to avoid a wasted journey.

 Letter informing North Lincs Council of the changes  Inspectorate_Hearing cancelled.pdf

10th Sept

 After all the fuss as to whether the Planning Appeal had been recovered or recalled by the Secretary of State it was confirmed that it was all a mistake!! and the Appeal would be determined by the Inspector after all. with Hearing details as advised previously

So here goes  please watch this site and if you can please step up and help presenting our case to the Inspector.


19th August

Planning Committee Rejects second planning application

Thank you everyone who attended the planning committee today, your continued support is essential and helps us all continue the work being put in to oppose this development.

The political support we have received from all parties also deserves a mention, since without it we would not have achieved these last two results - Thank you.


17th August

Things are moving fast at the moment,

We were made aware on Friday last week that the Appeal to be considered by the Planning  Inspectorate by informal hearing on the 29th September has been recalled by the Secretary of State.

This means that the above hearing will not now go ahead but that further details will be announced in due course.

However we believe it has NO direct impact on the re-submitted application planning committee meeting notified below which could still decide to accept or reject the Windfarm on Wednesday.


12th August


Sorry I'm doing this whilst on holiday but I am aware a flier has gone around the village notifying people of this development with times, if you can be their to register your opposition to this proposal please do so, your support is essential, the planner has again recommended APPROVAL.

See the Planning application page for a link to the document. The planners report is also available at North Lincs planning web site to download.

Your help would be appreciated also, lobbying our ward councillors, Bernard Regan, Alan Smith, and Linda Cawsey and our MP Ian Cawsey, to show them the level of public feeling in the villages of Burton and Flixborough and encourage them to speak up on our behalf at the planning committee meeting.


You may be aware that Ridgewind proposed a condition deleting turbine 2 (that nearest Burton) as a condition such that on approval of the resubmitted planning application, they would not proceed with the appeal and save the council money !!!,

This  development is obviously a welcome small step but still very much short of what is required and obviously does nothing for the residents of Flixborough.

Fortuitous timing this concession, just before the planning committee date is announced !!!


Please contact either Kev Gray or myself or burtonbats@live.co.uk  if there is anything you can think of or do that would help our cause.


Planning Appeal informal hearing details notified 29th Sept 10.0am start.

Note NLC have an obligation to notify all interested parties (objectors) of these details, has anyone been informed? please let me know.

I have also updated the documents page with documentation applicable to the appeal, this seems somewhat out dated now but I hope it will be of interest. REMEMBER we can only loose once EITHER at this resubmitted planning application or appeal and the windfarm goes ahead


14th June

BATS Fliers delivered to approximately 1200 homes in Burton and Flixborough

Many thanks to everyone who helped.

Objections page posted last week to help with any letters,

I hope to post a few details re. the dash to Wind and its implication later this week. These views aren’t' taken into account in reviewing the details of planning applications unfortunately but they do present a balance to the wind energy spin that is frequently put out (and that isn't meant to be seen that we are against renewable energy).

5th June



4th June

Linked article in the Scunthorpe Telegraph reports on the Parish Council meeting and particular health concerns with respect the planning application

ST article report from Parish Council Meeting

2nd June

Burton Parish Council planning meeting held at the village Hall to discuss the re-submitted Planning Application at Flixborough Grange.

It is very heartening to see so many people turn out and overwhelmingly show their support in objecting to this proposed development. The Parish Council are fully behind our campaign to have this proposal rejected. Unfortunately they do not make the decision but the message they pass on to North Lincs Planning is one of strong opposition.

28th May

BATs issued the linked response to Ridgewinds announcement that after having their first application rejected at planning they had resubmitted an identical planning application at no cost and submitted an appeal

27th May

ST article Ridgewind announce planning resubmission

April / May

We are very fortunate to enjoy support from Local and National political groups for our campaign, please see attached recent fliers delivered throughout the village on behalf of Andrew Percy and Ian Cawsey.

Andrew Percy 1.jpg

Andrew Percy 2.jpg

Ian Cawsey 1.jpg

Ian Cawsey 2.jpg

29th April

North Lincs Planning committee rejects Ridgewinds application to site 7 400ft wind turbines on Flixborough Grange

Planning Committee throw out plans