Burton Against Turbines

Objecting to inappropriate windfarm development

2nd Apppeal - By Informal Hearing

The informal hearing will take place at the Fenestra Centre in Flixborough village this next Wednesday, the 18th January.

As part of the hearing process BATs submitted a hearing statement to update and add to our previous statement - this can be downloaded here:

BATs Informal Hearing Statement.pdf


This Appeal was to be dealt with by written representations, all the objection letters from the council's planning application were passed to the Planning Inspectorate and all parties were asked whether they wished to make further written representations.

Many thanks to everyone who took this opportunity to update their objections, Ridgewind, North Lincs and BATs also made submissions to further their argument to the inspector.


These statements are copied below

BATs Representation Statement 2011 APPY2003A112156713.pdf 

Council Appeal Statement.pdf

Appellant Appeal Statements.pdf

To which the Council and Ridgewind had the right to pass comments on each others statements (unfortunately this right does not extend to third party objectors such as ourselves!!).

These comments to statements are included below.

 NLC Final comments.doc

Comments on North Lincs case Final.pdf

Further statement following NLC statement on noise v2 12.10.11.pdf


Just before the site visit the Inspector decided that the Appeal would be conducted by an Informal Hearing process rather than Written Representations

The document below gives some guidance as to how an Informal Appeal is conducted, we hope that on reading it you will feel able to participate in this process.


The Informal hearing itself is intended to be just that "informal" though strictly controlled by the Inspector.  



If you want any help or advice with facts about the application or valid objection procedure please give any of the BATs team a call.

If you have a point please make it!

Unfortunately the developer can make many mistakes and lose any of the stages.

 We cannot afford to lose a single stage, that is how fair the planning system is!