Burton Against Turbines

Objecting to inappropriate windfarm development


Whilst certain parts of the country enjoy their scenery, lifestyle and amenity
largely unchanged, North Lincolnshire appears to be subject to an increasing 
barrage of Windfarm applications.
Our village Burton on Stather is set on Lincoln edge a 60m escarpment 
overlooking the river Trent an area formerly designated in the North Lincolnshire 
Local Plan as an Area of High Landscape Value. Last year an application was 
made by Grange Wind Farm Ltd (Ridgewind) to site 7 turbines at the foot of 
this escarpment.  Whilst some may believe these enormous structures have an 
element of beauty, the majority view in our village, and it seems the majority 
of the country believe that they are a monstrous intrusion on a natural landscape.
Indeed in this location looking from the top of the escarpment one will still look UP 
to the centre of the turbine rotor!!
Fortunately, at Planning Committee our council twice decided against 
permitting this development and a Planning Inspector refused Ridgewinds Appeal. 
However however any relief felt by those who objected was short lived as an
identical 3rd application was submitted within 6 months of the appeal decision
Unfortunately our council planners and the planning system seem unable to 
stem this tide and we are forced to fight to maintain our environment. 
Please visit the other pages within the site to discover further facts about this 
development and the impact of wind turbines generally

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